Delisting Wire from

You all clearly got payed by Signal. There is no reason why you should embrace unsecure software over Wire. Wire is Swiss jurisdiction. It is safer and more privat than Signal but you still recommend American spy software over secure Swiss software.

You have no idea what you are talking about. You are obvisly no security expert. Please don’t write things you don’t understand.

The descision is based on wrong „facts“. It must be corrected. This is what counts.

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Operated by an American company, and in partnership with the US Federal Government.

Man, you’re all reaching pretty hard to defend Wire, and you accuse us of being paid?


Lol okay.


Everything that needed to be discussed has been discussed, and everything further is non-constructive. I’m locking this thread. This is our official position on Wire. Future threads rehashing the same repeated and replied-to arguments we’ve seen here will be closed.