[DELISTED] Discussion: Brave Browser

or because all the devs behind the extensions were leaving Firefox for Chrome, so Firefox lied about XUL being insecure and started copying Chrome so they could have more maintained extensions.

Just like the claim that Pale Moon is insecure is an unfounded claim.


I thought you all said you were anti-google and that linux distros that use systemd are bad because they connect to google servers. Makes me wonder if this site is legit privacy or just another scam site to lure innocent people into a world of lies and false privacy. Not trying to offend anyone, but literally 2 of your 3 recommended browsers probably make lots of $$$ just by having google as their default search engine.

Icecat’s actually pretty good. I’d rather see it than the spyware Waterfox (a browser that should never be added). I think Pale Moon could still be added.

Browser Recommendations

If you’re currently using Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, or Pale Moon, you should pick an alternative here

  • Firefox
  • Tor

But then again, most people haven’t even heard of the browser, and I think it’d be a waste of time if we listed every possible spyware browser.

I don’t have energy to start going through the browser discussions at the moment, but we have probably discussed them all on GitHub already and I would like to request you to search there: https://github.com/privacytoolsIO/privacytools.io/issues?q=pale%20moon

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FWIW, my biggest issue with Brave is that they are an advertising company. The involvement with crypto-currencies (which IMO have no legit use cases other than financial speculation/scams) and investments from Peter Theil also don’t inspire confidence.

This is classic argument from ignorance, Mozilla’s goal is to create an open standard for web-extensions. The idea of an open web-extensions is to have multiple browsers support a more secure system, while having the code be open for all to use and modify. Yes of course I abhor Google, Mozilla is currently working on expanding their revenue. E10 sandboxing allows for isolation of web content. Basilisk supported this, but the developer removed it for no good reason. https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/UXP/commit/43f7a588f96aaf88e7b69441c3b50bc9c7b20df7. Any security researcher (including me), would find this practice bad. Neocities looks like a website that doesn’t understand what makes an application spyware. Anyway, I am not pursuing this argument any further. I do not want a reply to this comment ( unless it happens to be well thought out and informed.


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It seems that the update that it was delisted wasn’t mentioned here.

I somehow ended up trying it personally and here are the comments I gave earlier on team chat:

Brave feels quite nice trying it again in a long time and it’s taking away some things I used to complain about


However they have
* failed GPG again https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/1826#issuecomment-525840566 user error

I also had to install less extensions, because some features of µMatrix are already integrated like is HTTPS Everywhere
oh, why am I commenting here while I could be in the forum

I did change some settings that are visible, but the defaults seemed reasonable.

Edit, there is something to complain about request, onion apt repositories.

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Is there really a better alternative for IOS?

I could see for desktop, but for mobile you need something privacy-configured.
Not as many fancy about:config stuff on mobile.

The web browser section is currently getting rehauled, you can see a preview build here.

CC: @blacklight447

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Safari is the best option for iOS.


Safari is decent, but I wish Apple was a little more open sourced with their operating systems and web browsers so I just cant trust them as much, especially with safari. Im not a brave fanboy, I tend to use firefox more or just as much but on ios because FF lacks the advanced about:config I would choose brave over FF. Also brave shields offer a modest fingerprinting protection along with their ad and tracker block while safari only recently started blocking third party cookies. Though whenever I use android I choose firefox because of the extension support.

If you use a computer with an Intel CPU and a AMD GPU, you can try and install MacOS. Otherwise called a Hackintosh.

To clarify, Safari is the best if you’re using iOS, because you are already trusting Apple by using iOS. Other browsers on iOS are essentially just Safari with a different UI so I don’t really see a point. I suppose Firefox makes sense if you you FF Sync to keep it in sync with your computer, but otherwise you can’t change the default browser on iOS so you might as well make Safari as privacy-respecting as possible and stick with that.

On Android I like Vanadium and Bromite.

Web browser privacy: what do browsers say when they phone home? – tech report by Professor Douglas Leith : techlore

tl;dr of the six browsers that were studied:

  • Apple Safari
  • Brave Browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Yandex Browser

– Brave alone is in the most private group.

Here (PTIO), discussions of the other browsers include:

I don’t think Brave is more private than Firefox. That doesn’t make sense to me.

I have not read the tech report in its entirety but there’s the abstract (linked information), does that help?


I have reddit :smiley:
But not the full report :brain:


It is going to take me a while to read the full report. What I have read is interesting.

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It basically says that Brave is the browser that phones home the less, that’s the only thing that they compare, it is a comparison between different vanilla browsers, if you hardened yours and add some extensions, then the game changes, so it is a misleading title.

The title is:

Web browser privacy: what do browsers say when they phone home?

The author described it as about phoning home, you seem to describe it as about phoning home. With respect: I see no attempt to mislead readers.

Oh, sorry, I knew about the paper because of this Alternative To news, which does have a misleading title.


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Tor tabs on Brave Browser are cool but not as good as the Tor Browser its self. One thing to keep in mind is that Tor Tabs don’t change identity on closing, granted you have normal tabs still open, you must close all Brave tabs then reopen Brave to change identity. On Tor Browser you can just click the button that looks like a little paint brush / broom.

On the anonymity side you do stand out for using Brave (finger print wise) vs plain old Tor Browser. All this said I still love Tor tabs and can’t wait to see if Firefox ever pulls this off.

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