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Here is a discussion going about Brave’s advertising platform:

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Brave may be a tad sketchy with their ad policies, but no Chromium derivative is as well updated as Brave. Brave is my go-to browser should Mozilla slip up (Mr. Robot bundleware, extension certificate debacle, etc).


From Brave’s business oriented site

“The Brave browser knows where users spend their time, making it the perfect tool to calculate and reward publishers with BATs.”

So Brave is privacy respecting, but they sell advertisers on the fact they know where users spend their time?

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I think Brave should be given more of a chance.

We can’t always keep hanging on to 1 company (Mozilla).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s my main browser right now too, but I don’t know how sustainable that is, especially not with some of the shit mozilla pulled the last years.

Brave on the other hand:


They are too unethical for me on just about every front.

It’s funny you brought this up - I’ve been using Brave for most of my “clearnet” browsing (although you can obviously use Tor for that too).

As a matter of fact, I have a question related to Brave - you know how it has Tor integration? How well does that work vs. just using the Tor Browser? Is it any worse? I ask because I’ve used other apps that work with Tor, and on occasion, they had some bugs (i.e. not connecting to Tor or having their anonymity broken in some way).


This is their privacy policy - maybe you’ve already seen that? https://brave.com/privacy/ I suppose the best alternative would just be to use Tor all the time. Can’t think of much of a better one, except not using a browser! (Someone actually told me they did that…)

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What do you think about delisting Brave?


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Perhaps we should, or move Brave to worth mentioning.

Good idea. Maybe we should create a worth mentioning section and add Brave, UnGoogled Chromium (or Iridium), and Pale Moon.

Pale Moon wouldn’t be a viable option. Since the lead developer is completely incompetent when it comes to browser security standards.

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I think Pale Moon is more secure than Firefox since it doesn’t include bloat like a PDF Reader or WebRTC.


Also just about all the addons I would use on Firefox are supported on Pale Moon. So I think it’s a viable option, and if you still don’t agree, I think it’s at least worth mentioning.

Pale Moon contains much less spyware than Firefox and Brave, and unlike Brave, the spyware can easily be disabled. Most of it comes from the start page, so you should change it to something else.

Besides, didn’t this site originally recommend Chromium as a browser a few years ago? That browser is a much worse option than Brave or Pale Moon.

The developer removed e10 sandboxing all for the petty excuse that its terrible with application performance. The codebase is based on a very old ESR release, and uses XUL. Which was removed for a reason. Also the claim about spyware being placed in Firefox is a terrible unfounded claim. If you want to disable Webrtc, either change the preferences, or install Ublock origin. Google safe browsing has private information removed from each request. The pocket articles that appear are locally served in about:home. Pale Moon will not be added, and no excuse from Moon Child, or anyone else is going to pass.

If anything GNU Icecat would be a better recommendation, since its managed by competent developers.

or because all the devs behind the extensions were leaving Firefox for Chrome, so Firefox lied about XUL being insecure and started copying Chrome so they could have more maintained extensions.

Just like the claim that Pale Moon is insecure is an unfounded claim.


I thought you all said you were anti-google and that linux distros that use systemd are bad because they connect to google servers. Makes me wonder if this site is legit privacy or just another scam site to lure innocent people into a world of lies and false privacy. Not trying to offend anyone, but literally 2 of your 3 recommended browsers probably make lots of $$$ just by having google as their default search engine.

Icecat’s actually pretty good. I’d rather see it than the spyware Waterfox (a browser that should never be added). I think Pale Moon could still be added.

Browser Recommendations

If you’re currently using Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, or Pale Moon, you should pick an alternative here

  • Firefox
  • Tor

But then again, most people haven’t even heard of the browser, and I think it’d be a waste of time if we listed every possible spyware browser.

I don’t have energy to start going through the browser discussions at the moment, but we have probably discussed them all on GitHub already and I would like to request you to search there: https://github.com/privacytoolsIO/privacytools.io/issues?q=pale%20moon

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FWIW, my biggest issue with Brave is that they are an advertising company. The involvement with crypto-currencies (which IMO have no legit use cases other than financial speculation/scams) and investments from Peter Theil also don’t inspire confidence.

This is classic argument from ignorance, Mozilla’s goal is to create an open standard for web-extensions. The idea of an open web-extensions is to have multiple browsers support a more secure system, while having the code be open for all to use and modify. Yes of course I abhor Google, Mozilla is currently working on expanding their revenue. E10 sandboxing allows for isolation of web content. Basilisk supported this, but the developer removed it for no good reason. https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/UXP/commit/43f7a588f96aaf88e7b69441c3b50bc9c7b20df7. Any security researcher (including me), would find this practice bad. Neocities looks like a website that doesn’t understand what makes an application spyware. Anyway, I am not pursuing this argument any further. I do not want a reply to this comment ( unless it happens to be well thought out and informed.


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It seems that the update that it was delisted wasn’t mentioned here.

I somehow ended up trying it personally and here are the comments I gave earlier on team chat:

Brave feels quite nice trying it again in a long time and it’s taking away some things I used to complain about


However they have
* failed GPG again https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/1826#issuecomment-525840566 user error

I also had to install less extensions, because some features of µMatrix are already integrated like is HTTPS Everywhere
oh, why am I commenting here while I could be in the forum

I did change some settings that are visible, but the defaults seemed reasonable.

Edit, there is something to complain about request, onion apt repositories.

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