Delete proposal: IVPN

IVPN should be removed from the list.

IVPN is operated in Gibraltar.
Gibraltar is part of the United Kingdom.
This violates “Oper VPN Provider Criteria” “Operating outside the USA or other Five Eyes countries.”

You should fix the inconsistency.

From the PTio VPN section

Unfortunately, due to its lack of an independent security audit, it does not meet the complete criteria for recommendation, see our notes below.

I guess they should also add that Gibraltar is a UK colony, but this should be done so lightly. Have you read Gibraltar’s law to know if they comply to UK laws in the same way as if it were the same country? Also they are discussing if the fact of being a FE country is reason enough to not recommend a service. Signal is a good example of this, being based in the US but not creating any privacy and security threats.

There is a lot of 5 eyes based companies and we trust it (like ddg ?) so yeah its not big problem for me (at least for me)

It’s worth noting that in reality, the 5 eyes and 14 eyes stuff in basically nonsense.

A company outside the 14 eyes can still be compelled to work with one inside.

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The previous IVPN removal issue was also closed in favour of that one.