Deepdotweb has been taken down

Anyone know what for?

Just checked, the onion site is down too.

They were taking payments from marketplaces to have their sites listed on there, and in turn they would post a referral link. Apparently they made quite a bit!


Thanks. So surreal to see that site seized page.

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Yeah, feels pretty weird that its gone, since its been around since the silkroad days.

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I ended up there earlier today searching for something related to Tor config through Tor and I was thinking how weird it is that a site like that would block Tor users. Thanks for resolving the mystery I had already forgotten.

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I used to write for them, too! :scream:

was just there the other day for article referenced about DEA demands for access a LastPass users account. What surprised me was this page load stopper:

"Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.
DDoS protection by Cloudflare
Ray ID: 4d058a901xxxxxxx "

which implies DDD site enjoys CF-MITM compromise! :’(

not cool, imo, and I can’t help but wonder if that (cloudflare mitm “feature”) assisted in the takedown in any way…