Curriculum Vitae

What information could be avoided when creating a CV? Is it too unprofessional if the e-mail address does not contain my first and last name? If I can avoid this, what should I add that looks more or less professional?
I will obviously use a specific e-mail for job seeking. Also, I’m not looking for a really good job, just anything comes in hand at this moment so I’ll probably going to work in some shitty place.

You’re going to give your real name anyway. So putting it into your email address does not make much of a difference. Especially if you devise a special address for job-seeking, which is a good idea.

Beyond that, most recruiters are very conventional, so they might balk at someone using strange email schemes. You could come through as sneaky or wanting to hide something.

Also, you need to remove any possible hurdles making the recruiter’s job harder. If he has to rummage through his files to match your name with your email address, it may be slightly annoying for him in his workflow. You don’t want to annoy the guy who might land you a job.


You are right, but maybe avoiding to add my name on the address will prevent malicious actors on the internet to correlate that e-mail with me.

What would be the strange scheme? I know a lot of people use the same e-mail for everything and some times that e-mail is something like “”, which is the same they use for job seeking. These people don’t work on any relevant place, of course. Even though, I don’t know how cold I name that address if it is not my name.

I will not necessarily be a man.

I guess you are right here, people are quite stupid in this kind of stuff.

How would that email you give to recruiters magically jump to “malicious actors on the Internet” ? At some point in life, you need to surrender your real name : to banks, to the tax office, to your employer… You can’t be anonymous all the time.

Is the extreme level of privacy you’re wishing for more important to you than getting a job ? That’s a decision you have to make.

By strange scheme, I mean exactly the sort of example you use.

The masculine covers women, too.

You should 100% use a real name email address. I can’t even begin to tell you same email addresses I have seen on applications at my job. A really weird one will certainly get you passed over.

Also, don’t use some crazy domain either. It may be because I am extra nerdy, but if the domain is weird, I always check it out. I personally use my account for things that I don’t want linked back to my personal domain name.

I wouldn’t use my email for those because someone goes to RiseUp and they will get a preconceived notion about me (they’d be right!) but I want to make that impression personally, not based on the website.


I guess you are right.

No, it doesn’t but believe what you want, I don’t want to discuss gender pronouns with you.

Do you think protonmail is a crazy domain? To me is the most normal among the privacy ones, I don’t want to use Google even for job seeking. I will obviously wouldn’t use my RiseUp account for this, I don’t want my employer to know that I’m an anarchist, lol.

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No, proton is fine. a little long, but they have a professional looking site that an employer can take seriously.

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English language is not a matter for discussion. There are rules to it. You obviously don’t know some of the most basic. You might want to look up the meaning of the word “man” in the dictionary.

Also, it is disingenuous to pretend you “don’t want to discuss gender pronouns”, while you were the one who initiated the discussion. You just met resistance, and you’re quite surprised that not everyone agrees with your foolish ideology.

Which field are you looking a job from if I can ask? I have understood that at least in IT, not having your personal domain may be a minus for you.

On CV, I am personally using EuroPass, but I have been very open about my identity.

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Anything, grocery stores, restaurants, I really don’t know, if see somewhere that is hiring and the conditions aren’t that bad I’ll try to get it.

What is EuroPass? Is like the structure of the CV?

Some of us are directly involved in regularly assessing CVs for cyber security jobs. Random e-mail addresses like or look very unprofessional. Use your usual e-mail address or an alias like j.doe-company@a-better-provider where “company” is the name of the company that gets your CV.

Exactly. By sending your CV, you react to a job offer in most cases by offering yourself as a good candidate. Recruiters and specialists want to get basic information about you to assess whether you are actually a good candidate. If you redact most information, you are a ghost. Most companies don’t like ghosts.

What is your threat model here?

At least in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, all IT companies we know don’t expect a personal domain.