Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Buying

Hi! I’ve been going down the privacy “deep-dive” so to speak over the past few months. I’ve gotten myself using privacy-hardened Firefox, using a paid VPN and I even shed Facebook a couple of weeks ago.

I’m now at the point where I want to buy bitcoin but after looking through the info, I noticed a gap (or that I’m bad at looking for specific info) in how everyone saying it should be brought. There’s people who recommend just buying it on an exchange with KYC such as Coinbase for the ease and instant transaction and people who recommend buying via methods such as Bisq or Bitcoin ATMs for anonymity and privacy but I can’t seem to find anywhere people recommend a mid-way like an exchange that doesn’t share/sell your data beyond KYS and legal requirements or that is relatively privacy-friendly? Does some mid-point like that even exist?

  1. BTC is bad, menero is more private
  2. Coinbase is REALLY bad, i think most good one is Bisq also there is other websites like
    Last but not least, i hope this video can help or
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