Cross-platform messaging

What do you guys think about programs like Franz, Ferdi and Rambox? They are similar to email clients but you can use more services than in a email client, like you can add your email accounts, Discord, Element, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, etc. The three I mentioned are open source but are they good for privacy?

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Ferdi is FOSS for of Franz. There is/was also one of Rambox (pro) , Hamsket but it is not actively developed I think.

All of those are just Electron wrappers for web services. I tried them all (and some others) and currently use Rambox. But just for less important services (Whatsapp, Gmail, Outlook…) so I don’t care about privacy in those anyway. The main advantage over web browser is in additional options (minimize to tray, password lock, more options for notifications, etc.). But it is memory hungry


I tried rambox before. also i’m little confused about your question, your title means you want crossplatform messaging apps so i would suggest something like signal (app on mobile and desktop on PC) but after reading your post it says way other thing :joy:

so to answer, cross platform messaging apps? signal or anything that got PC and mobile app that suggested by ptio
to answer your post question, it’s just little browser so it’s good as you said i can open multiple websites at once but from privacy respective, i think harden firefox is more good (because it prevent more trackers, i bet those apps even block anything)

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Yeah sorry, I should have worded the title better.

I just found out about Pidgin, which is used on Tails. Does it serve the same purposes of the applications I mentioned in the OP and is better regarding privacy?

Pidgin is a xmapp client (something like so if you want to use pidgen then yes (and you can just open it in your normal system but add the proxy of tor)

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