I have some questions if anyone here knows about this topic.

  • Do you know of some good YT channel that talks about it and tries to explain how they work and all the tech stuff behind in an interesting way?
  • Do you know of any fora that is privacy oriented where one can talk about cryptos?
  • Which are the most private/anonymous in your opinion?

I found this channel of a YTber called Naomi Brockwell, she talks about crypto and privacy, it is more about news than explaining how they work or the economics behind it but nonetheless is useful if anyone is interested.
Also I think is a good forum but they don’t even have a privacy policy so it is not so good in that matter, they don’t have trackers and you can browser everything except for the logging without JS enabled but if you register through Tor they asked you to make a really small donation to be able to comment which sucks since I’m pretty poor.

I have recently discover DeepOnion, Komodo, Piratechain, Verge and ZCash. Besides Monero these are the only privacy currencies I can think of, Piratechain (ARRR) being the most private, although I can be wrong.