Creating our own web browser :-D


So I’ve been looking at some browsers that can be used stand-alone or as a base to create my own browser and there seem to be 2 good open source candidates:

Graphical Links Browser - this NEEDS:
-JS support (currently it crashes with a seg fault when i enable it via the menu i made and view a website with JS lols),
-The ability to blocklist any URL such as * or *favicon.ico
-Ability to block 3rd party images, 3rd party CSS, 3rd party JS, etc.
-The ability to disable JS & cookies on a per-site basis (a JS & CSS URL blacklist if you will)
-Canvas blocker if JS is ever working one day

E-Links Browser - this NEEDS:
-all of the above except its possible to compile it with JS enabled by using Mozillas SpikerMonkey JS engine
-Socks proxy support is a nice-to-have as we can just ‘torify elinks’

If anyone would like to help, then feel free to let me know.

P.S it’s for personal use; not to monetize off of people in any shape or form.

You can send me a direct message here with or without GPG

Sounds like a titanic task that I’m not qualified to take part on but I’ll be happy to try it out once you have a demo. Is there any reason why you are not using Webkit, Chromium or Firefox as a starting point?

hmmm I havevn’t ruled out using maybe an older Mozilla code base and just modernizing it, or maybe taking another mozilla fork and trying to make it more efficient. Something like this:

or even the LibreWolf source code.

The only thing about that…Well three reasons:

  1. If the full source of a web browsers’ engine is 1/4 the size of my operating system source code… I just feel like its better to start from close-to-starting-over

  2. Efficiency & performance reasons :slight_smile:

  3. I find code that is smaller and written in something like C++ is easier to change/update. So if I want a new feature, then I can just program it in and recompile :slight_smile:

I COULD take an older Mozilla source code snapshot and just make it work with modern SSL/TLS, etc maybe…

Either way, when I have something worthwhile I can make a post here if anyone wants to use it (along with the source code). I would likely make pre-compiled binaries for Windows 7 x64, & Void Linux64 … and maybe an AppImage :smiley:

hmmm so if anyone wants a pre-compiled version of elinks with JavaScript (the Mozilla SpiderMonkey engine) on x86_64 Void Linux then just let me know and I can send you my Retroshare ID and send the binary & source code over

it doesn’t have inline images enabled since the source for that is 9 years old and not compiling , BUT this will likely be something I play with when I’m bored - and that may be working one day :slight_smile:

if i get images working , then i will add all of the privacy/security features to it after :smiley:

if one day someone, somewhere decides they want to make their own browser instead of Firefox™®©, Chrome™®©, or whatever else™®©

One consideration is: Badwolf Browser :slight_smile: It uses the webkitgtk API… but it saves work anyway lols

At the time of writing features I’ve added are SOCKS5 proxy support since ‘torify badwolf’ didn’t work with the original source >_<

By the time this is read ; it will likely have a lot security features added to it:

  • blocking 3rd party images, css, js
  • making sure canvas is blocked
  • URL blocklist for things like *favicon.ico , *, etc.
  • making sure its not doing strange things with SSL…
  • testing for IP leaks, etc.

if you want to save yourself work: um… i use retroshare for chatting & filesharing :smiley:

i’m using my browser i made right now :smiley: with 3 tab open it uses 80MB RAM & 80MB virtual memory - using JS & image rendering :slight_smile: