Conversations: PGP or OMEMO?

Hi all,

yesterday I found this site where I could read that OMEMO is only on a medium security level (?) and PGP on the highest level. I always thought OMEMO would be state of the art related to secure encryption. Both work flawlessly on my devices.

What would you folks recommend?

Thank you in advance!

If you want to use XMPP with its disadvantages, use OMEMO and verify the fingerprints of your friends etc.

This is obviously due to their factless rating of “OMEMO = home use” vs. “OpenPGP = military use.” The good old “military-grade encryption” is nothing more than marketing lingo nowadays.

Btw: The people behind this website went to great lengths to present our findings regarding XMPP as “fake,” so one can doubt the credibility of their information.


Ouha, that’s indeed interesting! Thank you!

Definitely the more modern OMEMO.

The main issue with PGP is that there is not forward secrecy. This means if the private keys are ever obtained by an adversary all messages can be decrypted.

OMEMO has forward secrecy, and has session keys that regularly change.