Contacts app for Android?

My phone’s default contacts app is unable to prevent private numbers from spamming calls at 1AM.

Since I want to block private numbers, the only options I’ve seen so far are:

  • Google Contacts (less than ideal)
  • Truecaller (which is said to be collecting and selling user data)

Is there a good alternative for a non-rooted phone?

Try MySudo? I cant use it because I am outside the US. Its a paid service though but it is endorsed by Michael Bazzel. Its out on iOS and Android. Not sure if an APK is available.

Have a look to “Yet Another Call Blocker
It’s on F-Droid here :

Do you expect actual calls at 1am? I put my phone on Do Not Disturb mode at night, and only a few allowlisted callers can ring my phone


I do expect these spam/prank/scam/whatever calls at any time of the day, so I want a proper solution. For now I installed Google contacts and activated the private call block.