Consider LibreJS Compatibility

This website and forum is fantastic, and I love that all scripts appear to be first-party.

However, is it possible to consider LibreJS compatibility?

LibreJS is a GNU project that aims to block the use of unfree javascript. As this website appears to be 100% libre, it is possible to easily gain compatibility by following these steps:

This would allow LibreJS users to access your site without any javascript being blocked, encourage awareness of non-free javascript also being proprietary client-side executed code, and provide assurance to users that the code being executed on their computer is libre, and thus more likely to be privacy respecting.



This is something that would need to be done upstream:

It sounds like they would be fine with adding support, but very low priority. If somebody wants to submit changes to the Discourse project to enable LibreJS compatibility you can read that thread for details, and that will of course be implemented on this site. But this isn’t something I have time to do personally :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the tip. I’m not totally useless with web tech, so might submit a PR.

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Please do, it would be a really nice thing to have for the forum :D.