Compare speed, Lenovo X230 to T430 with Qubes?

Compare speed, Lenovo X230 to T430 with Qubes?

Also assuming that they have the same processor and both have 16 GB RAM. Yes both running Core Boot, Heads.

That how badly would I want to have a T430 over an X230 running Qubes?

i’m curious about performance with qubues as well, but i cant find any benchmarks or performance tests even via google-based search results :frowning: or even if someone just snapshots their ram and cpu usage and provides the specs xD

i compile code sometimes with source code bases sometimes exceeding 1GB. and i like playing games and such like everyone else hehe. i totally understand its not meant to be a supercomputer os, but if it performs well anyway - then i’d just use it anyway lols

off-topic the qubes os even looks nice through elinks hehe

oh and also i’m curious what the output is of qubues with the command;
ps -aux | grep dbus

Are you sure you want to trust that chinese firm? Lenovo Caught (3rd Time) Pre-Installing Spyware on its Laptops

Excellent Question:

Our trust in these two exact models involves first modifying some things on the computer, Modifications which is not available on many other computers, and using them with specific OS’s, and a careful user.

Let us also recognize another negative, these two model Lenovo computers, X-230, T430, are a much older generation of computers. Processor is from the third Generation, (Currently one can buy 11th generation Intel Processor.)

If one goes the website of the Qubes OS, ( there are many models of computers which can be used with Qubes, but only two model of computers which are “Certified Hardware” to use with Qubes. (bottom of the page)

They are “modified” versions of the Lenovo X230, and the T430. They have links to the two companies which sell those Modified versions of hardware, which have a list of changes which have been implemented. Instead of the usual Firmware that is used for boot is Core Boot, or Heads.

They have the part of the Intel ME disabled. The part which allows the Intel Management Engine to remotely change the basic firmware, and do so without my knowledge or permission. I have not read that Intel has changed their policy to remove this part of the Intel Management Engine from their current processors, going back before the Lenovo X-230, I think 2011.

Personally, I strongly suspect that the major players in hacking computers, like China, Russia, Iran, would be willing to pay a great deal of money to utilize the Intel ME, 'take over a few specific computers hack." I read there is no evidence of this takeover of the Intel is ‘in the wild.’ That is no evidence it has ever been used.

So I am saying maybe you are not concerned with having the basic firmware being accessible to a power group. You would not feel interested in using a Modified Lenovo X230 or Lenovo T430.

I believe it is about 2011 that IBM sold Lenovo to a Chinese company, although I should acknowledge many who know a good bit about security use the later Lenovo to run Qubes. It is a decision the individual has to make.

Those who modify these Lenovo X-230, and its 14 inch brother T430, spend a lot of time and some spending for replacement parts – well they describe the process pretty well.

Using Qubes also comes with a learning curve. A good over view is Micah Lee’s Video -Video tours | Qubes OS

There may be some computers which - nearly meet the standard of “Certified Hardware.” Someone who wants to sell Qubes “Certified Hardware” must provide two free computers to the Qubes group and pay so much money to go through the Certification Process.

The two models of “Certified Computers” are generally available around the world in used markets. They were originally built to a military specifications, they are quite physically durable. I have bought a used one, and I have spend time trying to emulate what is done to create one like the Lenovo X230 - “Certified Hardware.” I have come to the conclusion that the two companies which modify this thing are not overcharging for their improvements.

There is another, implicit part of your question. Using a Qubes Certified Laptop (and you can use the laptop with other OS’s besides Qubes OS.) is a matter of what you perceive your threat level.

If all you want is to keep from getting annoying emails. Then the much depends on what you do while you are online, and which OS choices you make.

If you want to Prevent being infected by malware, then I recommend Linux, and yes, Qubes OS is at the top of the list of preventing malware. Still some cautions as to the way you conduct yourself.

If you are afraid of a major government. I am not sure one can get around the NSA (National Security Agency- the USA watch for computer enemies.) United Kingdoms (Great Britain - England) GHCQ. Or the Russian government, Chinese government, Iran, Australian. May not be possible. No one really knows.

One of my hopes is that,- University Students, Graduate Students are at the peak of their creative powers, with the environment where they can personally benefit from the value of their ideas. Versus, after they graduate and must sign over their Patent and copyright powers to a company for a regular paycheck. I support the idea that individuals should be paid for creative ideas. Big companies have pretty much changed our legal system so they own everything. All profit is to be for them and their share holders, not the individual creator of ideas.

Qubes OS, if it did not have such a learning curve, and require careful use, is ideal for Human Rights and Journalists.