Cloudflare changed doh privacy policy

Many things have changed in cloudflare doh They will now log users “anonymized” ip address and the log will be kept 25h and much more none privacy friendly stuff that i did not mentioned


use just dnscrypt-proxy already :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t dnscrypt-proxy also attempt to use Cloudflare by default settings?

I generally just use systemd-resolved or Unbound, because both do DNSSEC and DNS-over-TLS, while dnscrypt-proxy requires chaining either of those to it for locally validating DNSSEC instead of just trusting the dnscrypt-proxy server.

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Privacytools is outdated right now and the cloudflare policy link is broken why isn’t the devs fixing this?

Ill take a look into this.

For future refrence, your much better off reporting on github, which is checked daily. The forum is more meant as a community place for discussion.

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Maybe, some kind of post on this forum is helpful to point this out. Similar to this one:

Dear PTIO forum users,
This forum is managed by you. It means that if you find outdated information, the PTIO team will not help you here, because it is not possible to track issues in long threads, and the forum is not meant to be an issue tracker. For reporting issues (like outdated information), we are using GitHub.

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