Cloudflare Alternatives

Question: Are there any privacy-respecting Cloudflare alternatives?

I have heard a lot of users disliking Cloudflare for privacy, are there any alternatives?

For which purpose do you need Cloudflare? As a CDN? As a DNS server? As a WAF? Cloudflare offers many different services, so it is hard to list any recommendations without knowing your use case.

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My stock response is and a few comments above it as those are what I used to replace Cloudflare, but more specific answers need more specific questions.

Replacing GitHub pages is a work in process for me at Is there a better GitHub pages alternative than GitLab pages? even if it’s stuck in the planning state for now.

@infosechandbook Sorry, my bad.
I have been mainly looking into Cloudflare as a form of DDoS mitigation.

I would like to believe nobody would attack my server or that my server could handle an attack.
However, it is very tiny and cannot handle much load.

As for Cloudflare’s other services:

DNS: I have heard decent reviews of FreeDNS
- Not sure how to use it though.

CDN: KeyCDN seems to be very popular.
- Haven’t tried it though.

Here’s a list I gathered for you. My number of links are limited so can’t post all (free)

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https ://bitmitigate. com
https :// fluxcdn. com
https :// deflect. ca (free)
https :// sonicfast. io/firewall.php
https :// ddos-guard. net (free)
https :// webdeflect. com/ (supposedly coming back) (was the closest to matching cloudflare)