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Just a little lag, at a glance:

  • 2020-03-10 release of Firefox browser 74
  • 2020-03-30 release of Cliqz browser 1.34.0 – Merge with Firefox 74.0

from first look it looks good, i mean open source and uses Firefox so yeah as start its good now we need someone dig deep down to find more info if it’s good or bad company

A media conglomerate using an open source browser and customized search engine to serve results. Mmmmm…


IMO, it’s similar business model to Brave browser or Startpage. So, it’s not as good as other alternatives, but still better than Google.

It’s a good alternative for FF users who need another browser (for some reason), but don’t want to use different profiles. I prefer that way

Interesting post by u/lo________________ol on r/privacy

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From the logs I’m getting from NextDNS, They directly use FoxyProxy for it, following connections from proxy[1 to 100]
So, they don’t really ¨own¨ the servers, but that’s the paid service that they are using at their personalized dedicated addresses.

For Cliqz in itself, They only had issues with being added as a Mozilla Pilot program for 1% of German Firefox users and having their data be processed and collected by Cliqz ¨without their consent by default¨ (Not really sure if this can be applied, as the Mozilla Pilot programs was voluntary and only opt-in, right ?)

On 6 October 2017, Mozilla announced a test where approximately 1% of users downloading Firefox in Germany would receive a version with Cliqz software included. The feature provided recommendations directly in the browser’s search field, including for news, weather, sports, and other websites, based on the user’s browsing history and activities. The press release noted that “Users who receive a version of Firefox with Cliqz will have their browsing activity sent to Cliqz servers, including the URLs of pages they visit,” and that “Cliqz uses several techniques to attempt to remove sensitive information from this browsing data before it is sent from Firefox.”[9]

According to the Firefox support website, this version of Firefox collects and sends data to the Cliqz corporation including text typed in the address bar, queries to other search engines, information about visited webpages and interactions with them including mouse movement, scrolling, and amount of time spent; and the user’s interactions with the user interface of the Cliqz software. This data is tied to a unique identifier allowing Cliqz to track long-term performance. Interaction data collected and sent to the Mozilla corporation includes among other things, counts of visits to search engine pages, which search engines are used, and a Cliqz identifier. The data collection is enabled by default; users must actively opt-out if they do not wish the data to be transmitted.

Extract from the Cliqz Wikipedia page.

Also, They’ve bought the browser extension Ghostery AFTER 15 FEBRUARY 2017 (Just to calm down those who will point out all the bad thing Ghostery has done)
From what I can remember, and also confirm with the sources of the Ghostery page; They were responsible for opening the Ghostery code and implementing their MyOfferz service into Ghostery (Under the Ghostery Rewards name).

Oh, and they also make that mistake, where they’ve revealed a small bunch of user Ghostery users address for ¨GDPR Day¨, the irony…

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Anytime a media company gets involved in an opensource project, I immediately become skeptical and suspicious about the product they are offering.

Just stick with the original, FF.