Chromecast Alternative


Hey guys,

I have stopped using Google entirely, and it’s no problem. The only thing from Google that I miss is the Chromecast. Is there an open source option for this, or at least something better?

The issue I am seeing is that you would need some device to control it and stream to the device. I don’t currently have a phone and don’t want to get a phone just for that, and so it’s a weird area for me.

I did pre-order the Librem 5, but that was more out of support an who knows how that will turn out, let alone have some app that will work with a streaming device.

So just looking for ideas or suggestions in this area.

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Easy to make, flexible, cheap, doesn’t send literally all your data to google’s servers, and fully in your control:

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Just read that link through quickly, but it seems like you cast to the Pi through an Android app. Is that the only option?

As mentioned I don’t have Android. I suppose that’s going to be needed. I dunno, I guess I"m thinking of something like a Roku that comes with a remote, but you know, open source (or at least known to not be bad).

Is there a remote that works with the Pi, I’d be using something like Plex or Emby I suppose to stream content to the Pi.


I haven’t implemented this setup myself but I believe if you use Plex, you can get a Plex-Kodi integration plugin that allows you to play media from your Plex server on a client Kodi SBC device (that’s connected to your TV via HDMI).

The Kodi SBC essentially functions like a chromecast. You “cast” via say the Plex desktop application.

This is was what I remember from my research. Unfortunately I don’t have a free SBC to test it out, but I will get to it someday.


That’s interesting.

Never used Kodi before, and what is an SBC, just a box running Kodi? I assume doing what you say would still use the transcoding of plex right?


SBC is just a smart sounding name for a cheap SoC/board (Pi 3B+, Odroid N2 etc.). :smiley:

One of the main benefits of this setup is that you don’t need to transcode. The Kodi client plays the media file off the Plex Server and outputs it to HDMI. Since Kodi can support a broader range of formats/containers/codec than Chromecast, there is no need for transcoding.

You could also have a similar setup without Plex and have Kodi access a network share.

I haven’t actually tried the Kodi-Plex integration plugin. In particular, I am not sure that you can use 3rd party Plex clients (desktop/android) to initiate playback on the Kodi client connect to your TV, but I don’t see why this wouldn’t be the case. Either way, I am sure you can confirm this on the Plex forums.