Chrome add-on blocks PTIO

Chrome fails to load PTIO Forums. Opens Mastadon OK, not Forums (Discourse may be the other name - I don’t know).

Process (repeatable):

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Drag a shortcut ( off desktop to browser. OR
  3. Type the URL “https://forum.privacytools.ioOR
  4. Access via Favorite link.

Chrome opens site, but only the black menu opens and nothing else. (image)

TESTING WHY or WHAT: by Process of elimination::

  1. Disabled “Browser Plugs for Chrome”
  2. Reloaded forum/
  3. Page loads properly



  1. Whitelisted in Browser Plugs v3.5.5 = no change (reloaded, etcetera)
  2. Disabled Browser Plugs v3.5.5
  3. Page loads fine except add-on “Canvas Fingerprint Defender” detects CFþ attempt. See other post "FingerPrinter detected @ PTIO Forum.


Posted for Devs to consider.
Posted for others with same issue, that used another browser to read this :slight_smile:

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