Choosing an open messenger client: Alternatives to WhatsApp |

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Choosing an open messenger client: Alternatives to WhatsApp |

Keep in touch with far-flung family, friends, and colleagues without sacrificing your privacy.


We discussed some issues regarding Signal in my post:

I would use Signal if the following conditions were met:

  1. registration via email or anonymous registration such as in TwinMe
  2. anonymous ID (but personalized alias)
  3. contacts and account creation date are not transferred to the Singal server (opt-out option or better, not even a requirement)
  4. no biometrics

This is the minimum requirement for me. Also more transparency regarding location of their servers and ideally they would switch to a p2p system like Briar/Tox/Jami.

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Which biometrics they collect?

  1. You can register an arbitrary and anonymous phone number.
  2. See 1)
  3. Contacts aren’t transfered to Signal but phone numbers. If you don’t allow Signal to access your phone book, then Signal still works perfectly.
  4. Signal doesn’t collect any biometrics but allows users to unlock Signal locally using the normal unlock procedure of the phone. For instance, you can also use the PIN of your phone to unlock Signal.
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Signal respects your privacy. I don’t know any other messenger that collects less metadata than Signal. Maybe only Briar (or some other p2p services, but if traffic isn’t routed via Tor or smth, your ISP will collect way more metadata)

Using phone number as identifier might be an issue if anonymity is what you’re looking for. But privacy of your conversations won’t be affected