Changing phone should ones change sim?

If ones changes mobile phone under android, is there any reaseon to change SIM card (transffering the same number to new one) to somehow restrict connecting 2 device with one user?
If not for google, mayby for other trackers? I would not use wi-fi, e-mail, localisation or google account on new phone, but I guess all aplication+google have my SIM card number, therefore mayby it would help somehow to change it?
Mayby it will not help with google (since they know too much anyway), but help with some other trackers/applications?

if i’m right (most of time not, lol) your phone send packs contains your phone id and your sim id so cell tower and sim company knows what phone you have so about “other trackers” yes you need to change both (at least until sim company know that you are same user and tied info to old sim card)

It’s not about being tracked by mobile company (ISP), since it is unavoidable - they will know anyway.

I am asking if changing phone together with SIM (leaving the same number though) helps to trick mass tracking of google, apps, phone device manufacturer etc., to somehow start with clean card.

Well, companies does not know your number through your phone itself so i guess yes…