Centralized Hub For IPFS Blogging?

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good free host, I could use as a centralize host, for me to link to blog posts hosted over IPFS and similar platforms?

I’m presently using Glitch, do the amount of time it takes to update features on Github. And then I integrate it with a specialized microblogger, that joking refers to itself as social network for chatbots.

But the idea is a social network where people can test each other’s chatbots over something like SyncThing. And then updates on progress, would come through IPFS, and linkable through a centralized host like glitch.

( SyncThing being more private than say, cloud servers. )

For data that would operate each other’s chatbots, it would operate on something like “placebo” data, that acts like data, but doesn’t actually reveal anything about the people that use the platform. That might be the hardest part of it.

More info ? i just not get it right but if you asking on normal free hosting you can try hashbase.io, surge.sh or infinityfree (if you love using filezilla)