CDN and privacy?


Excluding any Google services, what do you think about other CDN providers? Such as KeyCDN ou jsDelivr?

CDN are a good way to improve user experience on a website by speeding up assets (JS/CSS) loading.


nope i not trust them (because of google and cloudfalre ones)

Are looking at this as a developer or end user?

end user (i literally block all cdns so as developer i try to avoid them as much as i can because im sure at least one like me do the same)

Blocking CDN breaks websites. I think using Decentraleyes solves your problem without breaking website content.

I know that.

I did not know that.

It just i not trust CDNs so i block them (and i know it break websites so if it really broken like i can’t do anything i allow just functional CDNs) and i use Decentraleyes but actually did not know for what we use it and how it works (saw it photo on github but still get nothing)

As developer

Google, I understand, but is there an issue with Cloudflare? It’s the main sponsor of jsDelivr :laughing:

i not trust cloudflare. they protect your website from spammers/attackers which mean they log IPs and maybe more info to know it’s you to allow you or block you so why i give access to such a website ?

maybe also worth mentioning that Cloudflare is a reverse-proxy, so they can essentially act as a man-in-the-middle (MITM). they are capable of editing content sent to users, in fact they even admit to this. an example of this is the “email protection” which prevents email addresses from loading if the browser doesn’t execute a certain JS script.