Cash pictures

Do you know any quotes or pictures which would glorify cash/physical money (above credit cards).

Something which could be used to remind people, why cash is important for anonimity and freedom.

not quotes but you can use it tho

  1. Visa can be frozen at anytime but money in your pocket can not.

  2. Banks, Gov and companies can track what you bought and know how you think and what you love to effect on you more but money in your pocket is more hard to trace and limited to people like gov only.

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Stores are becoming intrusive as well these days. You’ve got CCTV cameras, membership reward cards. Some even require an email to just purchase stuff. I’m looking at you Decathlon.

My point being, cash is still best but not as good as it once was. This is still my preferred method of payment for a lot of things.

In the current COVID-19 pandemic using cash is a bad idea though as you risk infection or infecting someone else through cash.

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Yes, but CCTV can store your data for only limited time, at least in Europe if there were no crime.
And you can create fake e-mail account.

Mayby it is not best time for promoting cash (however, to be honest, it’s minor problem comparing to others like doors etc.). But simuanoesly not aware people should be reminded how important cash is, since banks may want to use this opportunity to further promote their crap (cards).