Canvasblocker in chromium browsers

I switched from firefox to ungoogled chromium for a lot of things like it has more optimized sites, it is faster… But i really miss an add-on Canvasblocker, I couldn’t find it for chromium browsers, what do you think about Canvas Blocker - Fingerprint Protect by joue.quroi? It says “The publisher has indicated that it will not collect or use your data”.

i use it, but u should not give up about firefox tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I would recommend close JS (canvas works while JS works) or use brave

Can brave fully replace canvasblocker?

it does block fingerprints, not sure if it does the same as the addon but again canvasblocker in general works while JS enabled so if you manged to just enable JS on trusted websites then you are fine

Yes I use ublock origin to block js for every site, but there are some sites that don’t work with js disabled.
Thanks for your answer, i will try brave, i read that brave’s bat aren’t privacy friendly right? Have I to disable that?

It’s not enabled by default