Can't make "Reply" work in the forum


  • I hit the “Reply” button below a comment in order to reply to it.
  • I compose my comment, and check it in the preview pane.
  • When it’s ready, I hit the “Reply” button underneath the comment + preview pane.
  • My comment is published, only not as a reply.

What’s the trick ?

If your reply is directly below the comment you are replying to I don’t believe it will show the reply indicator in the top right of the post. However, the user will still get a reply notification. Is there somewhere this is happening that this isn’t the case?

If you are replying to a certain part of a post in particular you should probably quote anyhow, which you can do easily by selecting text:


Exactly. It does not show the reply indicator in the top right of the post. That’s what is happening to me when I reply below some comment.

So you confirm it’s one of those bugs which is a feature.

I asked the question because I had long been puzzled by the fact that sometimes, the reply indicator would show, and sometimes not. And I have just been called to order by a fellow participant who told me I should have used the reply feature to reply to him… which I did, but it does not show. It seemed strange to both of us.

Yep, I’m not entirely sure what the deal is. But here’s a reply that won’t show the indicator, but you should get a reply notification. I got one for your reply (which doesn’t show the indicator):

Basically, if you see the user you are replying to when you’re writing your reply, you’re good:


Thank you for the clarification.

Known unknowns are better than unknown unknowns… or something like that. :slight_smile:

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