Can't log into YouTube (Google) over Tor

Does anyone else have this problem? I have been logging into my Google account over Tor for much more than a year now and only today can’t log in. Never seen this before. Anyone have any idea how to get around this? If this is the new way Google is going to be playing I’ll just delete my Google account and host my own PeerTube instance for my videos but this still sucks.

its seems cookies problem? (if you allowed cookies) also its recommend to not login into personal accounts over tor. and maybe just try to relogin again if it kept happen then its problem with google and tor (like they blocked tor)

I have all the default Tor Browser settings so 3rd party cookies are blocked but first party are allowed. I tried a few different times from different exit nodes and even updated my browser, non of which worked. I’m thinking Google is starting to block Tor. Would love to hear other people’s experiences. If someone could do me a fat favor and try logging in over Tor, then reporting what they got, that would help me out a lot.

No, google just thinks your ip is suspicious it thinks you’re a hacker trying to take over your account

works with me and im surprised it was easy that i use one of google services over tor without keep getting captcha

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What ip address were you using when you logged in? Btw is that rick?

i did not notice my tor exit and yes its rick

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What I ended up finding out is that Google stopped letting me log in to my account through a Whonix VM but it does still let me log in via Tor Browser on my main machine, or virtual. Wonder why they don’t let me log in via Whonix anymore. Still happy they let me log in via Tor!

Probably because whonix has really, really strong anti fingerprinting protection (such as kloak - “keystroke deanonymization tool”), so google failed to fingerprint you or something else.

I feel that if you didnt sign up to the account over tor there is no reason to use it in tor

As for me, it told me my browser “is insecure”. The solution to that was to disable all javascript restrictions on noscript in tor browser (standard mode wasn’t enough)

Encrpytion from eavesdroppers aside ; Sort of true from an anonyminity perspective xD Though…if one must use google and youtube for whatever the reason may be … you could create the accounts on a public wifi. At least that way they dont have your EXACT ip address .

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Google wipes IP logs after a certain amount of years. You can find that out via their privacy policy but also requesting your data. They do, however, seem to log the IP for data requests indefinitely.

I have gotten to the point where the only IP logged are Tor nodes and my account was created in Hawaii long time ago. So using Tor works great for my threat model (mainly adverting and corporate spying).