Cant install https everywere on waterfox

im in a bit of a pickle here. i want to try out waterfox.
but i when i try to install HTTPS everywere

the download button is greyed out and
and i get the message that saids
that im using older version of firefox?
are there any suggestion (asside from using another browser)

took the response right from my fingers, use another browser! lol

but, not a response you desire, so…

are you trying the new alpha release? (68.0a1)

if you are trying the v56, it is based on very old FF code and extensions are all different type now. Please do consider this, it has changed for reason and it is highly unlikely, with few exception, any addon is seriously out of date and possibly creating severe security vulnerabilities.

otherwise, best bet is to find old version usable addons here:

Does HTTPS Everywhere work on GNU IceCat? That’s somewhat of a similar browser, I believe.

As a warning, GNU Icecat removes some non-free components.