Canada Border Services seizes lawyer's phone, laptop for not sharing passwords

This has me looking seriously at panic buttons and hidden apps options for my phone. Toyed with them recently but haven’t sorted a full system to hide or delete stuff. I’d want to kill off Keypass, Aegis, Orbot, TBFA and Riot. Everything else is either safe or not accessible without knowing about keepass.

I guess one could just delete them all before travelling then reinstall.

Anyone have better options?

There are a few things you could do:
You can install the F-droid app called “Locker” which preforms a factory reset after a given amount of wrong password guesses. Another F-droid app is called “Wrong PIN Shutdown” which as it name suggests, shuts down your phone after a given amount of wrong password guesses, protecting your phone with its full disk encryption.

As for panic buttons, I only know of an app by the Guardian project called “Ripple” which when supported by an app, can hide, wipe or delete an app.

Anyway to be really certain, your best bet is to choose a cloud provider, upload your data in an encrypted form (with Veracrypt or Cryptomator for example). After that you only take an empty device with you across the border, or buy one after you crossed it, and download and decrypt your data.

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Seriously how we could get that far? It is like entering my house without any warrant and searching my private belongings.
It’s “just” happening in Canada or other countries are affected also?

The news here is that it is happening in Canada, it’s been happening at other less liberal borders for some time.