Can you recommend sites that check email and website security?

This is to check for legitimate email addresses and websites.

Check in what way? Ownership?

scam like what? a copy of other site or like scam people and take money without getting back?

Something like this website

My apologies.The title of the Topic was’nt very descriptive. I have edited the title.

We have a blog post regarding online assessment tools for web server security, including their main features and limitations:

We also recommend reading this: Myth 1: Scanning a server externally discovers all security and privacy issues.

Edit: Signal published a blog post showing that scanning servers without understanding the big picture can be misleading.


I’d recommend and that are both excellent (and straightforward to use) for checking a website or mail server security.



Can you put a link to your SimpleLogin? Thanks.

Here’s the hardenize report for

and for : currently at 95%, we are working to hit 100%.

1 Like This is a list of cyber security related tools. There are tools that can check email and website security.

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