Can these settings be made in Tor Browser?

Best to leave tor browser settings on the default.

Only use the security slider to increase privacy with that, in a lot of cases it will actually set some of those things.

In general though we’re re designing that page, so setting individual settings won’t really be a thing you have to do anymore. The great browser section cleanup by dngray · Pull Request #2081 · privacytools/ · GitHub

For advanced settings in a regular Firefox browser, (on desktop only) there is GitHub - arkenfox/user.js: Firefox privacy, security and anti-fingerprinting: a comprehensive user.js template for configuration and hardening

The reason this isn’t set on mobile Firefox, is because some of the keys aren’t implemented. The Google Play version of Firefox also doesn’t allow one to enter about:config, you need the one from F-Droid for that.

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