Can pfSense be trusted? (claims to be open source)

So pfSense isn’t open source as it claims to be according to this:

Is there any truth to this because can you really trust pfSense if they misadvertise themselves as being open source. Is still worth using this as firewall and routing platform?

And can anyone explain what’s wrong with OPNSense? I’m trying to understand why OPNSense isn’t listed on the router section on PTIO because it’s actually an open source fork of pfSense and m0n0wall.

If you want it to be listed on privacytools or wandering why it isn’t listed you can always open an issue at the privacytools github

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from security perspective, all people out there want to hack you so you don’t have to trust anybody at all. so even if it’s open source i still would not trust it because it’s someone else’s computer that got all of my data so i would say use apps like Cryptomator with any cloud storage provider