Can ISP negate the value of what we are trying to do?

Seems like no one here says they are a trained Network person. Such as a person who manages Servers for an ISP.

Our group seems to hope that by eliminating all the Snitching features of OS software, we can be Private, perhaps even Secure.

At some point the ISP’s may decide to do -things, that make what we are attempting on our Privacy-Security, to be without- Useless.

Anyone know anything specific?

Perhaps I should add, the base of our trust is the HTTPS encryption scheme can not be broken.

If I, say lived behind the firewall of China, or Iran. How much of our assumption on the ability of HTTPS to protect our downloads, places we actually go, is valid?

This has already happened, but not in the US of course:

Such root certificate (and there are a lot of certificates in your browser) can allow forgery of a website and allow malicious actors to go in between you and a website by impersonating it.