Can iphone be turned on remotely/tracked when disabled?

Can iphone be located/turned on when turned off?
I heard sth like this, is is true or urban legend?

And what about other smarphones?

If you are simply asking for the possibility of hacking an iPhone and making it a compromised device for malicious purposes, the answer is yes.

I believe US border patrol utilizes this particular compromise as revealed by mainstream news. Rebooting the iphone or simply letting its power dry up usually restores the security of the machine (depending on the vulnerability technique used to compromise the device). Not all vulnerabilities allow this cleaning by reboot. Some newer discovered vulnerabilities could persist between device reboots. All of these needs actual posession of your device to accompllish the compromise and is not possible to remotely do this.

Simply, dont let your surrender phone out of your control.

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As long as there is no proof that a smartphone can be tracked when turned off, it is a myth. There are actually many myths around because most people seem to repeat what somebody else said without checking it.

Regarding security vulnerabilities and physical security:
Almost everything that runs software potentially contains software weaknesses and security vulnerabilities. This is true for iPhones, this is true for Android smartphones, this is true for “dumb” cellphones. Keep your devices up-to-date, connect them to your own cables, flash drives, etc. only, and retain physical control.