Can I use my ProtonMail PGP Key for general stuff?


Currently trying to get my head around GPG, and I have imported my ProtonMail in and trusted it ultimately, however I do not have the private key so I suspect I did it wrong. I have a few questions.

A. Is it a good idea to use my protonmail signature for other things - e.g. github, etc

B. If it is, how should I do this?


ur public key or private key ? (you said with github so i guess ur public key so yes to make protonmail decrypt message auto for you but if you talking about private key then its not good idea because if someone got it he will decrypt everything)

In that case can I have one personally generated key for protonmail not linked to my account for github and signing files and such, and then an actual pgp one for decryption?

well, you can not use 2 keys on same thing (i mean you can not use “PGP\GPG key 1” to encrypt data & then use “PGP/GPG key 2” to decrypt data because keys not same (you have 2 keys in one key, Public key for encrypting & private key for decrypting & u can not send private key to anyone) so u can not use 2 different keys with same data so u can make 2 PGP/GPG keys like one for github (that protonmail one) & another one for data