Can I use my android smarthphone without a Google account?

Title, basically. If I delete it, can I still use all of the other apps that are unrelated to Google or do I still need it for it to work?

totally you can (except google play or any google apps that need an account)

This is worth trying. I haven’t yet tried it out.

I have implemented it and it works, the only thing is that you have a unremovable notification from Google saying that you need to log in.

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Have you disabled all Google apps?

You can even go further, and replace your entire phone rom with a G-less one.
For the notification bit, I doubt your actual rom/phone will allow it

I’ve been wanting to change my smarthpone’s OS but there is not official Lineage support for my phone, so maybe I could just de-google stock android or something like that. Is doing this easier than changing the OS?

Eh, I don’t care about the notification tbh.

I doubt that you get a 100% Google-free Android this way after we analyzed the /e/ ROM several times, a fork of LineageOS which tries to be Google-free, however, there is still Google inside.

Also keep in mind that by “disabling” you disable apps for the standard user on Android. The app may be still enabled for the root user of the device. Besides, you also have to check the configuration of all remaining apps as they can still communicate with Google servers.

Well, You could still look for other project outside LineageOS, (Like unofficial ports, or like the /e/ roms which support now, unsupported smartphones).

It´s not really that different to either, root your phone to remove the G bloat correctly, and installing a new rom. (Which is, installing a custom recovery like TWRP, and flashing either the new custom rom, or whatever patch you want).

The best way to really remove G bloat from a stock rom would be to install NanoDroid, and you are in luck, since i´ve recently made a post explaining all the versions available.

> Right now I am using lineage os 16 with opengapps micro (how private are my data using this setup?). 
>  I tried using Nanodroid MicroG but it's hard because of the application naming scheme (I can deal with that using a custom launcher)

Personally, Bootleggers ROM 4.3 on herolte (Samsung Galaxy S7 Exynyos), with MicroG. (It's written NanoDroid (microG sub module on Magisk).
And it wasn't that difficult.
What you want to use from this list here, is during writing. And simply flash it from TWRP recovery.

The issue that you have with the naming, was mine as well, but i'll try to explain you all of that pretty easily.
> NanoDroid :

    microG stuff
    F-Droid (That's an open-source store)
    custom init scripts (Don't care about that)
    pseudo-debloat feature (That's probably due to that, some Lineage applications were removed)
    several Open-Source applications (To replace what it removed)
    additional components (Complicated dev stuff I suppose for you)
    The Legend of Zelda ringtones and sounds 
    Nintendo Fonts (nice, i suppose)

The other versions are :

 NanoDroid-MicroG :

    microG stuff
        GNU Bash (Dev console thing)
        pseudo-debloat feature (Remove your apps)
        F-Droid (That open-source store)


    F-Droid and it's privileged extension (Just F-Droid basically)

 ~~NanoDroid-webview~~ :

    Bromite WebView (Privacy edited Chromium browser. Webview is that sort of web browser you have, when you open a web page in an app for example)
 ~~NanoDroid-OpenStreetMap~~ :

    OpenStreetMap for Android (OsmAnd+) (Open source maps application)

 ~~NanoDroid-Patcher~~ :

    on-device framework-patcher (If i'm not wrong, just stuff to hide your root)
 NanoDroid-setupwizard :

    AROMA bases Setup Wizard to create the configuration files (An installer, which let you customize what you want to install manually)
 ~~NanoDroid-TestScript~~ :

    System Test script which generates a log to aid issue reporting (If something goes wrong, that's for debug)
 ~~NanoDroid-uninstaller~~ :

        uninstalls all NanoMod/NanoDroid Magisk Modules
        uninstalls NanoMod/NanoDroid installed in System Mode
        uninstalls NanoMod/NanoDroid-Patcher add-on.d environment (Remove everything basically)

I've struck everything which doesn't include MicroG, so basically, you can ignore those. You can download files here :
In final, you have :
NanoDroid → Just install everything.
NanoDroid-MicroG → Just install all the MicroG stuff.
NanoDroid-SetupWizard → Installer, which let you select what you want to install easily.
If you want to install MicroG, without it to remove some Lineage apps, well, install NanoDroid (On a clean Lineage OS for example), and tell it to not do the “pseudo-debloat”.

Also, you can also install Lineage OS, preconfigured with MicroG here :

> but aurora store often got bugged and won't download, logged me out of my Google account, etc. 

They add an issue with the G anonymous accounts, and since the dev wasn't available (School studies), it wasn't really usable for a while, but now, everything has been fixed, the latest version works greatly.

>The bloat is quite bad too (I don't understand why Nanodroid MicroG remove the default lineage apps).

The “pseudo-debloat feature” as i've explained previously.

> So, how safe is my data? 
Good, as MicroG as surely removed any G apps left from Lineage OS, and is operating all by itself.

> Are there any better MicroG installer? 
Not that i know off.

> Are there anything I could do to mitigate the aurora store bug(other store?)?
Re-install the latest version, it should work.
Outside that, F-Droid or APKUpdater should be the safest other alternatives ways.

>  Finally, is it "worth it"? Why and why not?

Yes, everything is working well for me with MicroG, and I don't even need to have another G account ever since !
> Sorry for rambling, I'm on mobile and still am lacking sleep

That's understandable, have a good night !

I have heard that /e/ did some fishy stuff, does LineageOS still has some Google in it?

I’ll try to do it with that guide, but I really lack the technical knowledge and I always get frustrated so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it. :disappointed:

I have heard that /e/ did some fishy stuff,

And much more than originally calling it eelo after an eel.

does LineageOS still has some Google in it?

I believe it does. More if you add microg and use G services. Even more if you run some apps that use G more.

Gonna repost my remarks i already made on the /e/ accusations.

Yes, of course.

remarks i already made on the /e/ accusations.

Doesn’t include the Wikipedia abuse (or I missed it when scanning).

How are you liking your Librem 5 so far?

Microg is not the privacy magic bullet some people think it is, IMO.

Why “of course”? Should I not expect that a privacy product is Google free?

Why “of course”? Should I not expect that a privacy product is Google free?

Lineage is android. Android is Google’s baby. Lineage talks about reducing bloatware, but I’ve not seen them describe it as a “privacy product.” Secure, maybe. It is certainly a step in that direction, if you don’t install Gapps or other intrusive apps, but it comes ready for full G assimilation.

So, is it possible to use a smartphone without Google bloatware? Is there some ROM that does not have Android’s shit?

Weren’t aware of that Wikipédia case, Could you explain me that one ?
And thanks for asking me the state with my Librem 5 :smile: I’ve preferred choosing one of the later baches obviously, the time for dev support to continue a bit, with the arrival of the Pinephone too. I still can start experimenting with it with the available tools already, but i prefer to wait a bit :grin:

And indeed, MicroG make you able to limit your interaction with G, but at a extend to still allowing you to use your Android phone.
You can still try to go fully G serviceless.

Weren’t aware of that Wikipédia case,

Below link explains, but TL;DR: using sockpuppets and meat puppets to edit (advertising) articles related to Gael Duval and his projects. Blocked and conflict of interest users are documented on /e/ OS and Duval article talk pages.

You can still try to go fully G serviceless.

By staying off the internet!

Well, from the linked sources and proof, I agree with you, and ewwlo point of view, regarding the Wikipédia page manipulation. Pretty selfish stuff.

And well, That’s that way of doing that indeed, but that doesn’t really align with PrivacyTools privacy philosophy, in which you do still can beat the G supremacy. I can assure you, it is possible to live without them, and we indeed should, if we want to keep our privacy intact.