Can I use Bitcoin ATM with Wasabi Wallet?

I do not have bitcoins and would like to buy new ones. So I’m thinking of using ATM, but I am using Wasabi Wallet with Tails now, can I buy the ATM if I print the QR code of that Wasabi Wallet?
After that, if Tails is reset, everything will be deleted. If data is saved to SD card, will it be possible to save Bitcoin?

You can write down your backup code, or create a “brain wallet”/paper wallet, which is just a wallet that isn’t stored on your hard drive anywhere, with the backup code printed out. Remember that 12 word mnemonic you are supposed to write down? that is what it’s there for. the bitcoins aren’t actually “on” your computer, they are just, essentially, “marked” as yours - ie attatched to that wallet on the blockchain. So theoretically if you have that backup code, and your hard drive craps the bed, you can use your recovery code to get your coins back… hope this helps.