Can I install a zip file on Virtualbox? LineageOS, GrapheneOS

I want to install LineageOS and GrapeneOS on VirtualBox, but they are not all iso files but zip files. I want to install a zip file OS on Virtualbox. How can I do that?

Take a look at Android-x86 ( They provide iso files.

You cannot. LineageOS and GrapheneOS are ARM-based Android ROMs, not x86-based operating systems your computer and VirtualBox are expecting.

Android-x86 like @infosechandbook mentioned is the only Android OS you can install in VirtualBox, not Lineage or Graphene.

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How can I install LineageOS or GrapheneOS?

With GrapheneOS, a Pixel 2 at least. With LineageOS, a OnePlus will do fine.

Did somebody try out Android-x86?
I tried it many years ago and it was quite unusable. Still the case?

@noFAP i just looked it up and wanted to try it, until i saw their sponsors, then i got a second thought.

@pinp “What we are working on now
LineageOS integration (jjm)”