Can a website pinpoint ur Linux Distro

I was testing my browser on this website that shows every bit of information a website collects, one thing caught my attention and it was user-agent displaying Linux as my operating system, not Whonix, but just Linux. So my question to you is can a website pinpoint which Linux Distribution someones using? I’ve heard that i can’t but it can make “predictions”.

I saw a summary made by a web statistic software before.
Among those Linux visitors, 80% shows “Linux”, 18% “Ubuntu”, 2% “Fedora”.

I can’t make sure the statistic’s accuracy.

I don’t know why the servers can tell distro ( It was definitely not users choosing a distro on the web. The website didn’t have that interacting feature). Some distro may be adding their own default browser addons. Not sure if it is that that revealing distro to servers.

The User Agent string sent by the browser can be modified easily, so it’s possible some OS’s send their own or it could be completely made up to appear like you’re using a different system.

This is one way some addons manage to cloak the actual browser version you use. I believe Brave decided to change it to report itself as being Google Chrome to avoid compatibility issues with certain websites.

But there are other sophisticated ways of detecting the right browser and OS, maybe even the version (and distribution), like detecting the available list of fonts supported. But I’m not too sure how far this gets. I think the best assurance you have is using privacy-focused systems like Tor Browser, Whonix, Tails, etc.