Came across tool Netguard-like tool called Tracker Control

Project page:
Github: GitHub - OxfordHCC/tracker-control-android: TrackerControl: monitor and control trackers and ads.

Has anyone had any experience with Tracker Control?

I’m reading that it depends on network analysis source code in Netguard. Aside from that, looks like a new perspective on managing tracking attempts.

I’ve been using it since last year, it works great out of the box. I like the idea, the illustrativeness and the convenient easiness of this specialized tool. I highly recommend it to those who don’t want to mess with VPNs, firewalls, fiddling with in-apps activities etc.

Fantastic, thanks for sharing your insight! I was reluctant to recommend Netguard to the average Android user, and Tracker Control sounds like a good alternative for this audience.

How does this compare to NetGuard. With NetGuard, I can fully deactivate internet access to the apps, can it do the same, other than controlling trackers?

Yes, there is an “Internet Access” switch for each app, also accessible directly from the main TrackerControl screen (tap on the app icon in the list), so you can toggle it quickly.

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So, I was trying this tool, and a pop up says that private must be deactivated to use it?

In fact, even the website says “other VPNs or Private DNS are not supported.”

Guess I’ll stick to NetGuard.

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