Calyxos a mobile OS

So my friend and i were talking about privacy and how to fight it.
Then he came across this one

Seems intressting, but what do you guys think about this one?

That OS is already in the recommendation list Operating Systems | PrivacyTools

One of the best mobile OSes for privacy, but only useful for the few phones it supports (the Pixel lineup and a single Xiaomi so far).

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Using it since some month now and I love it as it brings something not (always ?) found on other specially privacy oriented mobile OS : ease to setup and use.
For me it really feels like a normal everyday OS without feeling like I am missing something because the OS does not support it (except for the pictures quality with the camera app but not a big deal for me, I was expecting this as I have a Pixel and the best picture quality is achieved a lot by software/os processing that you loose once you remove Google proprietary thing from the equation).

Now is it perfect ? No. There is pros and cons as in everything, some people will prefer LineageOS (they have good reasons), others will criticizes the choices made by the Calyx dev team regarding implementing MicroG etc.but at the end of the day if you are a normal user or a beginner who is looking for something easy to use everyday I’ll totally advise CalyxOS without hesitation. And if you are an advanced user, expert in flashing your phone and klowlegeable about the different OS etc… then have a try of CalyxOS you may like it too.

Also Calyx Devs have recently setup a Matrix room to replace their Reddit channel (it’s still active but Matrix/Element is now their primary communication medium). You can find it here : Community if you have more specific questions they’ll be happy to answer you.

Also have a look at the excellent review of CalyxOS by Techlore on PeerTube : CalyxOS Review: The Private & Secure Android ROM For Everyone! - PrivacyTools PeerTube
Keep in mind it’s from last year. CalyxOS evolved a little bit since then (support multiple independant profiles, encrypted backups to external usb flashdrive/hard drive, native firewall app, etc…) you can read the changelogs for every month since last year there : CalyxOS News it will give you an idea of the changes.