"Calculator Lock - Video Lock & Photo Vault -HideX" is Malware app?


This application from version as well as the latest has an amazing 159 permissions also virustotal shows it as a banker trojan, until version it had only 18 permissions.

This app has 50M + downloads and my guess is when it has reached a large user base it has now become malware. (maybe I’m wrong).

Can anyone expert investigate and report this to google?


Id rather not waste time playing whack-a-mole with Google’s Playstore. Its is a lost cause at this point. Id rather police F-Droid.

Assume 95% of the apps on the Play Store are there to get your data. Whether directly or through implementation of Google Ads/Analytics. That fact alone should ring a bell whenever you see something privacy-related there. Honestly I’d be surprised if the vast majority of smartphone users hasn’t been fully profiled already, especially with how carefree on permissions they are (plus services like TikTok…).

Why are you even trying to trust random apps on the Play Store?

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