Business Club want me to use GroupMe, Microsoft Android App, but i dont want to

Hi, i came here from one of privacy communities on reddit.


some body redirected me to this forums: privacytoolsio.

ok so ill start.

i am in college in the US of A…

i have personal android phone.

basically my business club wants me to use groupme and install it. they have NO sense of privacy whatsoever. to correct this, i dont mean they are naked, but they have no sense of privacy in the technology sense.

i do not believe i can show them enlightenment through privacy tools and methods. they care not for protecting one’s and other’s privacy. tears flow down my bosom; my heart trembles.

however, I do not want to install groupme app on my personal phone. it violates my privacy, as you know what all google, facebook, microsoft apps do on ones smartphone.

what should or can i do?

if i want to network, ill have to volunteer for the club. and they force me to sign up for events through groupme. they also alert me through the app.

in this socieity in the twenty first century, you cant get a job without networking.

thusly i join the busi ness club. however i am not chummy with the business club executives, hence i do not believe it is within my power to convince the business club executives to change apps from GroupMe to more privacy respecting apps.

i have devised a few options and let those thoughts simmer in my mind. here is my thinking mind processes.

  1. Buy a burner phone and install groupme(evil MS app). i use my own monies.

    1a) Criticism: I don’t think burner phones let me install apps. also i have to let those microsofts demons in my personal phone in this option number 1.

  2. Lie to business club executive. tell him i only own an old crappy phone OR say that my phone’s storage is very full. maybe next step will be forcing him in buying phone for me.

    2a) Criticism: i do not want to be outcast/eccentric person who is
    only one telling business club that i have bad phone. very cringy.
    also he will probably tell me to buy new phone(from my own
    monies), or delete apps on my old phone. also i am probably only one concerned for privacy matters; hence the awkwardness. i could be rejected from club.

  3. Somehow convince the business club executives to change apps to more privacy respecting android apps.

    3a) criticism: this would be asking the club executives to accommodate me, which as you see is probably not the best idea. HOWEVER, i believe if i manage to teach the executives the ways of privacy(technology and methods), they will not use groupme. also number 3 is a bit idealistic. i need ideas for apps. i believe XMPP reaches beyond a lot of messaging apps? if so, this will be a broad communications app, which is better than groupme, which gates in users into only being able to communicate within 1 app.

  4. I give up and let microsoft big brother orwellian 1984 demon to create data profile over me. i become bootlicker to microsoft. i bow down to evil privacy hating and violating overlords. i accept my privacy demise. i cry. i hate this.

    4a) Criticism: very bad option. last resort; i do not intend to lose this game against the privacy hating and violating overlords.

So, help me brothers, sisters.

I hate surrendering my privacy to the dictators of the Internet, the tech company overlords.

Hi, I don’t have experience with being forced to use apps, but would Shelter be an option?

Sorry for the late response, but I tried to install the shelter app on my android phone and it doesn’t work.

My storage is full apparently and the Google play services app won’t let me uninstall it.

Well, thanks anyways Mikaela. I guess I’ll have to resort to buying a SIM card(which should come with a new phone number I believe).

I can use the sim card I’m planning to buy with an old phone I just found at home. It’s a smartphone, not a dumbphone, so i can hopefully use the phone number from the old phone+new SIM card(phone number) to verify and register for GroupMe.

Luckily, I found out GroupMe works in the web browser, so i don’t have to violate my privacy on my personal phone. But still I need some way of verifying my registration for GroupMe, hence me having to spend my own money on a new sim card. And my privacy is being violated, except it’s not because of an app installed on a phone, it’s because of using it through the web browser.

Also, if I buy a new sim card, how do I destroy it and make sure any information associated with that sim card and phone number gets destroyed? After I graduate college and leave the club, I’ll eventually have to delete my groupme account and get rid of all things asssociated with the simcard and phone number, lest some criminal uses that information against me(if I don’t properly dispose of the sim card and its associated information).