Budget router support OpenWRT, DD-WRT

Should we choose budget router support OpenWRT or DD-WRT?

TP-Link have many < 100$

Hey great question. Think it would be great to show along help along in the same way and show there are decently priced options for these routers.


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Ive seen barebones flashable linksys routers start at around 25USD but it doesnt feel reliable. Any specific feature set you need?

GL.iNet routers are worth a look; comes with their own fork of OpenWRT pre-installed but you can also flash the official OpenWRT firmware.

Security with comfortable price

I flashed a Linksys E1700 to OpenWRT but the connection drops a lot. Unsure if it is due to the low end model or if it is a problem with OpenWRT compatibility. The price is comfortable, the question is, will you settle with a connection issue?