Browsers for compatrlization?

so basicly there are only two browsers on privacy tools that are listed as private.
given that i need at list three not including Tor for my set up.
for my set up.
that poses a challenge.
so far i have being using firefoxx Brave.
and waterfox.
what would u recomend i would do instead?

You can use firefox profiles and you can use others like brave, iridium and ungoogled chromium

Use FF profiles and containers, that’s way better than different browsers since it gives you the security of FF and the non linkability of different browsers. Use Brave or a Chromium based browser only for specific use cases, like their developer tool, or when some web sites require Chromium based software, or for your non tech savvy close ones.

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ok im confused…
a lot of people already said that brave is untrustworthy. now people is that it can be used.

For pretty much special cases, if you are a developer you will need a Chromium based browser to test how your website looks or to use their developer tools, you shouldn’t use it as your main browser, but if someone that also uses your station will not change to Firefox, I think it’s better than default Chromium or Chrome.