Briar project

Briar is a Android-only private messenger which sends all internet traffic through Tor (or Bluetooth) and the beta version also allows long distance contacts, while previously it required being in the same space physically. It doesn’t have servers.

It can be gotten from:


Fingerprint is from
Seems to match


I love Briar! Finally you don’t have to meet up with the other user in person! (Although I was going to use it as an excuse to travel to meet @blacklight447) :rofl:

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Note that at this time the 1.1 branch is still the recommended one in FDroid. You need to manually select the 1.2 branch version to get the remote contact functionality.


Oh, I should be briar://adjsozq74c7v2e7cwu7lebednw3wmjxgrbv6cqiyccrz4yhxzmzau but I don’t think it’s going to be a high priority messenger for me due to it’s P2P nature that I think is behind recent battery draining and I already have so many other instant messengers.

Sounds a lot like Jami. Any reasons to prefer one over the other?

Briar has group conversations with private groups (owned by the creator) and forums (collectively owned by participants, anyone can invite) and blogs (like private social media posts) , and it runs over tor by default, also seems more reliable than jami, messages don’t just “fail” sending when someone is offline, like it does with Jami.

Jami has audio /video call support and desktop applications, multi-device support, but no group calling / messaging support and nothing resembling blogs.

Both seem to have their own strengths

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Cool I am giving Briar a chance, and I will be testing it for some weeks to better understand it. So far I like it but find odd that you can’t delete blogs or forums. also you can’t send pictures/files and no autodelete feature…

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Hmm, I haven’t had time to miss that feature, but I wonder if there are open issues.

I understand that it may be difficult to start removing messages P2P and it would take time for the removal request to appear, but I don’t see why you couldn’t request the other client to remove the message ASAP and then just do that, even if the other party can always modify their client to not modify messages. I think Signal (and WhatsApp) work this way too.

I wondered why my battery was draining so fast! Well, that plus I have a lot of other apps…I suppose if you leave Tor running that’s a battery-drainer too.

I still can’t find a way to delete a conversation without deleting the contact which in turn would be lost as me and my contact are in different cities. And were forced to meet in order to start a conversation.

I don’t have Google’s shit on my phone so notifications are usually not really good except for Signal, Telegram and Briar! so +1 on that! Messages get through almost immediately