Brave privacy extensions & tweaks?

I’m using hardened Firefox and Bromite as my main browsers but i need a backup browser for desktop. Do any of you use Brave? If so what privacy addons/tweaks do you use? So far i’ve only disabled autocomplete, clipboard read, enabled Do not track and blocked camera and microphone. Any advice?

You have specified which OS you use. In my Linux daily driver I only use FF and Tor Browser, however I am contemplating about using a separate alternative browsers (such as Midori, Falkon and/or Epiphany) for whitelisted sites such as forums with little to no javascripts.

Sorry about that. I’m stuck using Windows 10.

By stuck you mean, ‘Forced’ To use WIndows 10? or just you dont wanna change to Linux

Outside of VM i can’t get any distro to connect to the internet (Mint, Zorin, Solus) I used Ubuntu & Mint, 10 and 8 years ago, i might try it again in the future but atm i have more pressing matters than learning to use a new OS, hence why i said i’m stuck with W10.

Use TOR browser. Read the section on the article about fingerprinting