Brave filled with malware?

Okay, to start, I am super biased. I hate Brave. I hate it’s founders, I hate that it appears to me, to be a front to push it’s own crypto currency, and I just don’t like how it works for the most part.

So before I ever decide to share this article in the real world, I thought I would get others opinions on it and make sure my own bias isn’t clouding my judgement.

Interesting, literally as you posted this I was doing a wireshark analysis of Brave 0.66.69.
My findings were the complete opposite.
I was pleasantly surprised by how it doesn’t connect to any google domains.

In fact, it actually hardcoded google domains towards --> no-thanks.invalid.home

I’ll post a screenshot in a second.


Alright I’m back, I let it running for a while, but the results were all the same:



Thanks for this! Very helpful.


we need more heroes like you ^ @anon53320400

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I really can’t stand this website.

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ptio or neocities?

Brave isn’t that bad. It works well, it is vastly better than google chrome for privacy and it follows chromium tightly for security. It’s not perfect, but:

I take it back, Brave has some significant negatives:

neocities is what I was referring to.

Neocities is only a host, like Medium or YouTube.

My two biggest issues with Brave is that they are an ad agency and they have a financial interest in appreciating the value of BAT.

To date, cryptocurrencies have not proven that they have any intrinsic value beyond perhaps gambling (dapps). It’s a pure speculation play.

Give me one IRL use case where I as business or individual would want to use CCs? You could argue that anonymous payments is a use case. I am personally not sure that we want payments to be (completely) anonymous. But the funniest thing is you can make money transfers anonymous with fiat via shell companies and tax scam jurisdictions. So why deal with the inherent volatility of CCs?

I have sent crypto to people in other countries that have outrageous bank transfer fees. The transaction costs pennies, then the crypto is cashed immediately upon receipt. Being anonymous isn’t a factor, just being frugal.

Would you care to elaborate? I will be honest, I am little bit skeptical about the broad applicability of what your describing. But perhaps I am wrong…

There are also many other alternatives to bank/wire transfers (e.g. Moneygram, Transferwise) that offer significantly better rates.

Better than cryptocurrencies? Money transfer with CC takes 10 minutes (if you are using BTC, and fee for it is 0.08$). There is no 5 business day rule, and its best way of sending money to very distant places with no censorship. Some CCs are capable of completely anonymous transactions, BTC is pseudonymus (addresses are publicly visible but no names are tied to them). Transaction fees can change but that depends on how network is spammed with transactions, and all CCs suffer from scalability issue so far, there are solutions which are being implemented to solve that.