Brave delisting and browser overhaul

Hello PTIO community!

After the recent discussion about the removal of Brave as a recommendation on the website, we have—after taking in all the community feedback and a lot of discussion in the team—decided that brave is going to be delisted.

In any case, we see that there still is a big demand for Chromium based browsers. Also our initial assumption that Firefox’s new sandbox is now on par with that of Chromium’s was incorrect. This is why we shall now further investigate Chromium alternatives on desktop.

Which brings us to the next point: we have come to the conclusion that not every browser is best for every platform. An example would be that Bromite, a secure, Chromium based browser for android, that might be very well fit for being recommended by us, but cannot be because it is only available on android.

This is why we have decided that the browser page will be overhauled, and split into three sections: Desktop, Android, and iOS browsers. Here we can give the best recommendations for each platform specifically and give better recommendations. An issue will be created on our GitHub issue tracker to discuss which browser will be recommended in the mobile sections (Android and iOS) and a Pull Request shall be made to start with the redesign. We would really appreciate it to get as much community input on this as possible, and don’t be afraid to list a privacy focused browser that you would like to see listed.


The PTIO team