Brave browser question

The question I have is if i go to, Brave browser shows 81 DNS Servers, all google! If I go to that same site Firefox shows 1 DNS server cloudfare. So if Brave is so much more private why does it only connect to Google servers and 80 more than Firefox?

Firefox allows you to configure a DoH server. Assuming that you don’t use Cloudflare’s DNS as your regular DNS resolver, it is likely configured in your Firefox.

Why 80? Maybe, Brave just iterates through a list of pre-defined DNS resolvers. This actually makes sense in the rare case of using a DNS resolver that becomes unavailable. In this case, you wouldn’t be able to resolve any domain name if you only configure a single DNS resolver.

This is either configured in Brave or on your system (not a Brave user here). So you should check it.

Also maybe look for privacy respecting dns-over-tls or https resolvers which don’t run the biggest reverse proxy web on the web ( cloudflare ).

Here is a hint: